Composting at Hidden Harvest Farm

Our three-bin hot composting system is now up and running at Hidden Harvest! There are several ways that friends and neighbors of the farm can participate:

  1. Donate your kitchen and garden scraps during our weekly drop-off window! Please make sure you follow the information above in sorting your waste for contribution to our system. A reminder, too, to make sure you have removed any produce stickers and rubber bands from your scraps!
  2. Donate your yard waste for our compost system! We especially welcome dead leaves (most useful when they are brown) that you bag up in the autumn (yard waste collected by Baltimore City goes to the incinerator, unfortunately). Please get in touch if you want to drop this off via
  3. Join our compost collective! We are happy to welcome new recruits into the small group of us who are processing compost and managing the hot composting system, and we can train you if you are new to the process. If interested, please write to us at, or speak to one of our members during a community drop-off window at the farm.
  4. Attend a training event at the farm! Stay tuned for future announcements for informational workshops at Hidden Harvest Farm, led by the Baltimore Compost Collective and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Following the farm’s Instagram account is a great way to find out about upcoming events.